why Indians dramas are better than Pakistani

When we think of Indian soaps or dramas; the only thing that hit our mind is wealthy culture with lockers and jewelry, unrealistic makeup and clothing, songs and dancing, annoying camera work, irritating music and slow-motion scenes, loud romance, wicked behaviors, confused continuity, availability of everything even at odd situation, weird challenges and above all longevity
But despite all irrationals stuff, there are many positive aspects of their plots And which are seldom available in our moderate and humble dramas. Here I tried to mention some.

They infuse courage.

Every drama revolves around the main character who face any kind of issue with bravery, values, and lead from the front. you can find a small kid; in kulfi kumar bajai wala; facing adversity, a young girl or any other character. A kid looking for his identity in a big city; girl reaching out at the middle of the night or far off places to pursuit something. There is always a bold and courageous element to their story or at least their lead role project this. They always promote facing the life rather bearing it. I sometimes get that vibes of courage from their plot. And above all they show the courage to take decisions while keeping the values. It is one of the strongest element of their soaps.

Decision making and choices.

When it comes to the courage it did not end up just facing challenges. Their plot mostly includes living in circumstances where choices have to made and decisions have to take. And many times they revolve around value system. Like such ka sath daina wagaira. That tough decision making teaches a lot.

Values system.

The plot mostly promotes a bunch of values and they boldly revolve the story line around them. It could be family values, personal traits or cultural but they must be there. Such bolna, zulm kai khilaf khara hona, insaf, empathy, maa ki qadar, gher ka mahol, mukhabat etc

Latest technology.

Yeah you will find robots, remote controlled fanoos or many such things. Whatever technology being pursuit in the surrounding of India, and they can project it. They will.

Contemporary ideas and trends.

Surrogate mothers, living relations, sleep paralysis, coming back from death or whatever exists somewhere in the modern world or new research. They will include it in their plot and blend it very well. It teaches openness and adaptability which is the great contribution in building up society.

They show solutions to problems.

Unlike our dramas where the story is just plotted as a story of characters. Indian writer comes up with the plot where everyone is looking for solutions. Mostly the lead role is one who is living in a mess and mending everything to develop something. Or it is a lead family. In any case, they show the solutions of almost every issues, crisis, and project firm behaviors to pursuit solutions or fixes. Sometimes the solutions are very creative or have pace with the modern world living.

Emotional Bonding.

Every scene in their drama from facial expression to dialogue delivery and physical connection is filmed in a way that shows the strong depiction of emotions. The dialogues are also build that can improve EQ of the character. If this is how they live then no doubt they build people who are more emotionally intelligent. If you see their players and actors you will find how headstrong they are.

Include current challenges faced by country.

Recently they started showing minorities in their dramas like Muslim, Christians after the modi govt took things to nationalism level. They have again started blending characters of different faith and emphasize human bonding and respect of others. They have the same strategy in 70s. We also need to do this.

A strong religious aspect.

You will find munder, prayers, pooja pat and especially the duas they ask for showing guidance and path. They depict and blend it much better. Despite the fact that their religious terms are colorful or have commercial value they do present it anyway.


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