what your kid must know before 18

Today the life is fast paced. Some are capable of earning as early as 12 yet others lost their pace and strength in the too much distracted era of social media. This is the time when not only education, information and entertainment is accessible to any one at any time but it is also the era when diversity, creativity and continuous growth is necessary to match the pace of everything. Nowadays not only getting recognition is easy but loosing your way is easy too. Bringing up kids nowadays is a challenge as well as quite an interesting experience. It is more like growing with them then being the guardian. Here are some points that you better make sure your kids know or learn them before they turn 18
  1. Self Belief. Good self believes are necessary for a peaceful growth and accepting challenges. You cultivate them in various ways. here are 5 phrases you must tell your kid. Make sure your kid has self believe and he knows what he is as early as possible and as he grows
  2. Sense of growth. Our traditional system focus on school, college, university and then deciding what to do in life.  Job finding or career plan mostly depend on the trend and the availability of jobs in market which is not a bad thing itself . But the concept of growth is different. It is beyond the mean of earning. click here to gift a personal growth handbook to your kid.
  3. Strength and weakness. Your kid must have ability to know the aptitude his strength and weaknesses.  It can not only help them define career and grow but it is the sign of self awareness and confidence too. You can develop this habit by off and own discussing with them after 12
  4. Developing one project or idea till the end. It could be a non institution project. something they initiate themselves and then finish it. It could be participating in an exhibition and have a stall. Or working for a cause like educating street kids or building a solution of some problem. Whatever make sure at least one project they come up with, finish it and make it successful. It better include an exposure from intellectual to social level that is to reach out the audience or customers.
  5. Ability to make choices and take decision. From smaller matters like choosing the clothing, packing for trip, budgeting their needs, to standing for a cause or career choice. Whatever comes in your child way, include them in decision making, give them choices and also let them take decisions. Decision making is a complete whole process that require analysis, pros and cons as well contemplating on what is good or bad. Foster thinking skills in your kids. Instead of following emotions, they must have ability to go through the process and make correct decisions.
  6. Ability to focus on urgent and important. That is the biggest challenge in this era and if your kid can do this he can be successful. Can your kid focus and do what is important and urgent rather than spending time on impulsive things like social media, tv, games or outing. It is going to decide his success especial on difficult paths.
  7. Emotional Intelligence. Ability to know emotions, classify them and knowing how to deal with them. An emotional escape is dangerous and biggest issue of youth. it direct then towards addiction and even suicide. For a better emotional growth, make sure you listen and deal them properly as they grow. You yourself know how to heal them when they are in trouble. If you yourself understand their emotional aspect and treat them properly it is likely they will learn how to face them. It is also important how they see you dealing with your emotions. So be careful as it is the biggest challenge of youth.
  8. Life goal or Life purpose. Make sure your kid stand for some cause, have life goals even yearly or monthly goal. Once they reach 10 you better start define goals for them and put charts in their rooms. and help them achieve it. Goals can be defined as per self growth. But there must be some. It will help in your kids growth and save him from the distortions. And they will be defining one at the end.
  9. Experience of some job. Yup earning and getting the flavor of it is necessary it makes one responsible but do it as part of growth, as an experience. it is the era where there are opportunities and everyone can avail them. It could be selling an app, selling your own designed shirt, acting, modeling, you tubing if he like camera, a call center job, home delivery job, waiter, salesman, host in bus Or anything he can. Let them have that exposure to see the world
  10. Ability to choose friends. And for that your kid must have ability to define his values. Values make a man. It defines his path and social links. Make sure you know and help them define values. It is possible when you have values, your family have values and you depict them properly. Have communication on this define some with them as they grow. Tell them choosing friends is based on values.
  11. Ability to discuss anything and project their point of view. It may seem weird heading, but it is where our youth stuck. They may start throwing things or lock them up or hide from you but they may not discuss many things. As they grow give them confidence to share anything or ask anything from you. Make sure they have correct definition of shame, fear, courage etc. Certain concepts starts developing due to media exposure. If you discuss with them different topics or even movies, you will know what is developing inside their head. The ability to discuss like friend with parents is the best gift you can give to them.
  12. Right inspirations. As they grow; hang out pictures of some incredible personalities or role models in their room. Either from their interest of fields or those who struggled and made a mark in world. If your kid love books then keep biographies or work of those role models. Make sure they have role models and inspirations other than actors.

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