What Imran khan missed in his first public speech as prime minister


Imran khan address the public on Sunday evening which was a recorded and edited version. Listening speech feels like some emotional flow of words were extracted to smooth it out and keep in one hour margin. There were so many points in that one hour speech and it looks like the consolidated version of his narrative since last decade. It started with the same prayer and role model of Madina riasat, the tone expression and style also remain same.

Imran khan body language was definitely honest. He was not uttering words but it was what he believe and want to achieve at the end. His main focus remain bringing back looted money and removing corruption which actually is his mission statement. But while addressing so many issues he still missed some points or detail to them.

More focused on Internal issues rather than external

  1. He consolidated the foreign policy in one statement and that was healthy relations with neighbors. He did not specifically discussed Kashmir issue or the Afgan relations and how to make sure no infiltration occur from that side. relationships with iran and USA was also not discussed. Either it was Edited or it was not covered for some diplomatic reasons. Whatever it was not emphasized.
  2. Extremism or Terrorism was not focused. While we have narrative that we won the war on it but the world has opinion otherwise due to jihadi groups. Khan sb perhaps intentionally not discussed it. which was good in the sense of ignoring world narrative and being focused on where we need to. But he discussed the necessity to act on national action plan.

Resorts for Tourism

Tourism is great industry and to promote it is necessary. While Khan sb announced to open 4 resort every year. What missing was the need of better roads to some parts and attractions like zipline, hot air balloon, rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, yoga centers etc. Investors need to call for such attractions. we have raw beauty which can attract many but international tourist and travelers prefer attractions to wind the stress. However resorts and backpack hostels for solo females to ensure them safety is definitely required.

Similarly beaches especially in Baluchistan must be developed. There must be enough attractions and facilities. If cruise or ferry service provided from karachi around coastal line or from dubai to gawadar. It can boost tourism and empower Baluchistan. whatever strategy to follow make sure it is beneficial to the locals.

Education for kids

While govt schools need to be improved. And it is good to ask private schools to open second shift for under privileged or to value street kids. Govt must also make it compulsory for private school to enroll one underprivileged kid every year. This simple rule can give better education to millions of kids as there are so many schools and all without any money spent by govt.

One category missed by PM is labor kids. Many kids work in workshops, electrician shops and hotels etc. Many of them could not get enrollment in the schools because they dont have birth certificate which is weird. Such restriction must be removed. There must be law about kids labor. They belong to poor families and earn money or at least per day meal and contribute in the household budget. Skill based work actually make them skilled . It is learning as well and they contribute to society but there is a need of some detail laws like minimum age, maximum working hours wage and easy abuse reporting. Instead of taking these kids off from what they are doing. it will be great to rather design an educated model.

  1. Education till 5th grade must be compulsory.
  2. After that they may work but not more than 6 hours. currently they give upto 12 hour duty.
  3. There must be a special shift for them in schools where they can learn regardless of age.  It could be govt school or even madrasas
  4. They must have ability to read, write and speak in both english and urdu along with ability to convey what they want
  5. Maths, Gen science, critical thinking and analysis.
  6. Moral and ethical behaviors and believes and the ability to define purpose and goal. knowing how to use computers and internet properly and meaningfully. These are kids who use such stuff just for cheap entertainment as they dont know what to seek at internet but they have self earned enough money to spend.
  7. Lastly an easy set up for them to appear in private exams.
  8. periodic Aptitude testing and guidance to choose the field and study

In today world if you teach what to learn and how to learn. There are so many ways to get education especially in IT. They can learn at internet. We cant promise everyone to give jobs so instead of taking them off from the labor the right way will be to let them learn how to earn and polish them so that they could become expert and play an important role in society.

Electricity issue especially for the industry

Although khan sb discussed water shortage issue and emphasized on the need of dam. But he did not discuss electricity short fall and the hydro electricity stuff he mostly discuss during his struggle. However Khan sb discussed the need to resolve issues of industry and empower small manufacturer. which is great and hope it will be covered in it and they will address and focus on reducing cost of electricity.

Health card for all pakistanis

khan sb promised health card for everyone in pakistan definitely he mean the needy but is it achievable especially at this point when there are big issues to tackle including dam etc. The OPD in hospitals is already working well at least in lahore where there is minute ticket of 1 to 20 rupees. However the availability of medicine must be focused. In case of costly treatment there is a need of such card which is available urgently and could be availed.

Researches And Dam

Agreed to the PM but we also request him to discourage GMO based stuff. Although one big dam is promised. there is a need of smaller ones as well especially water reservoirs or canals or some other mean to at least use rainy water for agriculture. so other small steps must be taken care too. However there is also a need to guide the small manufacturers to make stuff that could be worth of exporting and can meet local requirement

25% is too much to highlight corruption

Imran khan promised to counter corruption if anyone helped he can get 25% of the wealth recovered which is too much. i think it must be reduced to 10-15%. The corruption khan sb want to remove will be in billions rupees so 15% could be enough.

Planting can be made compulsory in schools

one of easy way to make a culture to plant trees is to take it at school level. Make it compulsory in private school to run planting activity once a year for whole school. Parents already spend money on activities and school charge for them. If such law is passed, planting will become culture. and govt may not need to spend money separately just highlight areas to be covered.




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