Very Simple Short Moral Real Story about Two Wallets


The Key chain wallet

keychain-wallet I bought a keychain leather wallet that resembles like this one. It was a very small wallet that i purchased from Anarkali. I used to put my pen drive in it. In 2005 when i went for umerah i took this wallet with me. It was easy to carry it. You can wear the key chain ring in your finger and thats it. After reaching Makkah we spent first two days together. Second day i realized that it is not gonna work. One has to get free from liabilities and belonging to better observe and learn from an environment like Makkah. So we decided to spend our time separate. My father said i have kept a budget for both of you so you can take hold of your money and spend it your way. It was great thing. We took our part. I made three parts of whole money one for my personal use, one to donate and the last one for buying any gifts for family. I kept one part in my suit case. And then calculated per day money to spend. Now everyday i used to fill my wallet with the one day income and left for the Harem.

First day as i was heading towards the Harem, a person approached me asking for money. I gave him half amount in wallet. Then some other one asked for money and the wallet get empty. Next day no one asked till i reached Matawf. Here a person said somebody picked his pocket so it will be great help if i give him some amount.  same happened other day. Eventually my wallet used to get empty before i plan to start tawaf or settled down. And i learnt the following lesson.

Allah want me to visit his place with a state, free of worldly possessions.

I started keeping myself free. We left for Madina. Here i found neither any beggar nor anyone who ask you anything. I thought may be because in Madinah our prophet (ﷺ) himself lives so no one ask others. But i was some how curious. One day on my way back to hotel from harem after Isha prayer,  as i reached a chowk. A lady came walking briskly towards me from opposite direction and tried to hand over me some riyals. It happened so quick and i denied to take the money. As quickly as before a man from another direction came and snatched the amount and went away. The lady looked at me as if saying “Are you stupid” .Next day i decided to shop for family and so kept all the left amount in my wallet. As i reached near Harem, i found a beggar sitting on the floor. He was a guy sitting while resting his back with the wall, closed eyes and has spread a white cloth on the floor. It was first time i saw some beggar in madinah and i astonished. I took some money out of my wallet and put it on the cloth. As i move forward my heart said Hey Allah says come with bare handed. I returned back and put some more money in front of him. My heart said why not all? Then my head reminded me that i have to buy presents after Asar so i shrug it off and entered the Harem.

I used to keep my wallet in the front pocket of my gown with zip closed. As i was reading Quran in Harem, suddenly i took my eyes off the book and look back and started starring a lady. She turned pale and gathered herself quickly and left the place. I myself could not get what happened. I started reading quran again then suddenly i checked my wallet and it was not there. I searched all the place, my gown and the bag everywhere but it was no where. My heart says the woman has taken it and so i am free from worldly possessions now.

I convinced myself that it was all because i haven’t given all money to the beggar but i loved the wallet more than money. It was my favorite. I prayed and prayed that the woman had thrown empty wallet somewhere nearby and i could found it. I remember how i used to look around everyday on paths, in wash room floors and everywhere around with the hope to find it. But all in vain. Last day my heart reminded me following ayat and it all concluded. I believe this ayat is a gist of all moral values and ethics.

لَنْ تَنَالُوا الْبِرَّ حَتَّىٰ تُنْفِقُوا مِمَّا تُحِبُّونَ ۚ وَمَا تُنْفِقُوا مِنْ شَيْءٍ فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ بِهِ عَلِيمٌ

Gucci Mustard Wallet


This incident occurred after 5 years. I have never been a shopping lover. As a matter of fact i used to buy for others than me. But on that sunny march day i decided to do some personal shopping. There were almost 7k, an ATM card and CNIC in my wallet. I went university to collect my degree. As i was leaving the campus i saw a guard sitting near the lab. My heart said he is in need of money and so i must give him few thousand. Or even 500. In most cases i do so. But on that day i shrugged it off thinking i always give money to this or that. Today i will shop for myself rather. It has already been years since i buy me something.

So i left the campus. In those days i started using public transport first time and enjoying riding daewoo city bus. As i left bus on Dubai chowk. My heart said check the bag. And there was no wallet. My eyes filled with tear. somebody theft. The 7k and shopping gone.

A sugar cane juice sellers stands near bus stop. He looked at me and asked the matter. I explained. He gave me one glass of juice and asked me if i have any money for way back home. i said no. He took some bucks from his pocket and i took Rs 20 from him for lesson.


He was richer than me and shamed me for the rest of life. May Allah bless him with wealth. Ameen. And May Allah bless the guard too.Ameen

I always thought to share these incidents to others. so finally wrote it today. Leave your comments below and let me know if you have experienced such quick lessons.



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