understanding the meaning of your existence


Ever wonder what on earth are we here for. why do we exist? Why are we here? Ever Ponder on understanding the meaning of your existence. This article may help you find a better meaning of your existence.

You are an image of God

First we need to understand who we are. You are the image of God. We are born to create, make, protect and handle the universe resources for the good. And what else could be the purpose than to make best out of yourself and the resources of nature; to add value in it.

You are born with gift

Everyone of us is born with hidden talent and a gift. You need to explore your gift and manifest it. If you think you dont have any special gift or have many of them. You need to choose one; build and polish it. You have that capacity too. And then use it for a bigger purpose to serve.

You are the initiator

Ask and you will be given, seek and you will find it, knock and it will be opened. You are the originator, the chooser or your path.

Choose the people who help you explore your self. Choose the place that defines you or close to what you wanna be. Choose the food, the aroma the clothes, the life partner that is how you come close to your dream.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

You have that potential to create and lead regardless of your physical limits or circumstances


Nothing can limit you But You Yourself

Your circumstances, your physique cant limit you but it could help and direct you to define your purpose and goal or explore yourself in a different way.

You are born fighter

God has put that ability and potential in you to fight and sustain in any situation. Don’t let God down by not trying or losing hope.

You are born leader and destined to win

You are born to take charge of your life. You are your director. Take the stand and choose to manifest yourself. All God wants is to see you succeed. To live with purpose and come out of life or leave this world as a winner. Strive

your powers lie in your mind

You are not your body, the things you own or the people think of you. You are your mind. As all power is in your mind. It defines your perspective which gives you direction and helps you define your purpose.

It is all in the game

God is not deliberately putting anybody in a tough situation or rewarding some. Even atheists are successful. He just designed the universe where things are happening and who ever learned to live this game.. can be at a better position.

This whole world is designed as a big game just for you to explore and manifest your hidden abilities. You are supposed to find that gem inside you.

Your manufacturer wrote the manual

The manufacturer sure has defined some laws and rules too. Just like the bonus and rewards in a game. You can live the game anyway but if you want to be special or be a winner. you have to consider them. The choice is yours

Whatever happens in your life, is a sign

Anything that happens in your life has some hidden meaning, ponder and get a meaning out of it. It could be a sign to avoid something, change your direction or define your goal. Be it hurdles or mishappening, some trauma or anything that crush you. Remember it cant limit you but just to help you define a new way to manifest and sometimes to define a life purpose out of it.

Your life purpose may lie in what bothers you.

The luckiest person is the one who finds his gem and purpose early. Make your kids lucky. As guideline:

  • The things that give you pain and you want to change them Could be your purpose of life. Like child labor
  • The things you stand for Or put you in anger and you want to fix them. for example Rights of miners
  • The things that bother you so much that you want to change them Could be your purpose like water wastage.

What you emit, You attract

Have a keen eye on what attracts you. It will help you define yourself for the better. The things that make you happy reflect you. Consciously know them and define them to define your character and your vibes. You manifest your reality. if something bad attracts you, focus to turn your good vibes, improve, redefine yourself or change perspective and bring higher purpose.

God trust you, do you trust yourself

Remember God has put the potential in you and He trusts you. You need to trust your potential too. That is when you will change

It is all in your hand

The moment you understood your existence, you will realize how stupid it is to waste your life in things that neither define you nor direct you towards your goal

Your current state matters only

Your Now defines your tomorrow. Make it heaven or hell. A step towards your goal or just a waste in worries of the past or future. It is all up to you. You discovered yourself when you turn it into something progressive. Think about it.

Your soul yearns for HIS presence

That yearn in yourself to seek happiness and fulfillment in goals, things, beauty or partner is your soul’s inner desire to seek the lord of the universe. His soul lives inside you and that soul yearns for His presence. Live in his presence to explore yourself better

Time is ticking away

Life has to happen anyway. Whether you choose to live it for your purpose; your destruction or just waste it.




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