Why shehrnaz drama urdu 1 is a bad script


shehrnaz a week role model

shehrnaz drama is being aired on Urdu 1. It is another Aiza Khan beauty. The drama launched and started really well. The pace and acting is perfect till now. However it is not the script as expected. Shehrnaz the main protagonist in the drama has a lively yet bold and upfront character. She was the girl who wants to pursuit an acting career to change her fate and get max out of life. It looks like a story of a girl who wants to make her own story and inspire others. Writer portrait a character who is passionate and committed to her goals, but very emotional and reactive. It is more like a story of a girl than a role model. Writer failed to bring a powerful and influential character that could inspire the young girls struggling in the same way. A role model must have emotional intelligence and control on her reactions and pace. After few episodes the story become even more typical where a girls is taking hand of a successful rich producer for her life path. It is not only typical story line but also an insult to a strong character. The script prove the society myth that beautiful and confident girls attracts men who support them in career building. She won KK heart through beauty and that is all. The worst scene is when she broke apart due to struggles and seek shoulder of sherry and later KK. How can a girl being so deeply loved by her father be so week to look other shoulders around especially when her father is so open minded and understanding. It is a disaster to the charter. Guys are ready to give shoulders to broken girl and it is the most expensive choice for her. Shehrnaz type girl must not have done this.

The drama totally lost its value in recent episodes as the lead role is getting dependent and dependent on others.As a matter of fact the friend of Shehrnaz is more settle and impact full character. Similarly Sherry’s wife and cousin are another powerful female characters in the drama.

Adding strength to shehrnaz

Here are few important scenes from different episodes of drama. I commented on different scenes to show some ways to add power to the character.

Episode 5

Her class fellows from elite class realized her financial position by offering an ice cream treat.

shehrnaz drama urdu1 | shehrnaz drama episode 5 | shehrnaz Aiza khan


Episode 6

Naina Perdaisi realized her that she belongs to a Tailor family and must not dream big. Here The lead role is again reacting. The smart option was to expose Naina Pardaisi at social media and affect her business hard. In this way she could have made deal with her in her benefit like free clothing etc

shehrnaz drama urdu1 | shehrnaz drama episode 6 | shehrnaz Aiza khan
shehrnaz drama episode 6


Episode 7

Parents of sherry are cultured but this is the typical line by him. Either we stop showing such things that exists in society Or we must have some better reaction to this. I mean his family must have snubbed him on stating these dialogues. Drama has a great influence and it can be used to change the typical society behaviors rather showing same thing again. No proper reaction of parents on these lines… Seriously??? even not from a decent family?

shehrnaz drama urdu1 | shehrnaz drama episode 7 | shehrnaz Aiza khan

Another bad example for the viewers. Typical old dependent lady asking her daughter to not speak truth. When we will give importance to values. There was no need of these dialogues or this scene. If a mother cant pat her daughter to be upfront than she must not discourage either

shehrnaz drama urdu1 | shehrnaz drama episode 7| shehrnaz Aiza khan

Seriously a role model?. such an emotional fool

shehrnaz drama urdu1 | shehrnaz drama episode 7 | shehrnaz Aiza khan

Episode 9

shehrnaz drama episode 9 | urdu 1 drama ! Aiza khan

The upcoming episodes are even worse. She is getting dependent and broken and it is multiplying.


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