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Sang e Marmar Review

Sang e Marmar is an another Hum classic drama. Direction, acting and script everything is superb. Although there are some technical flaws in direction but they are miner in a sense of conveying the meaning. Beautiful valley of Gari Baran, beautiful depiction of typical pakhtun culture is the essence of this next hit script. Some scenes are even played so well to overcome the minor flaws. Plot revolves around pukhtun traditional values of Gairat and revenge along with Sood or Interest. The story depicts emotions of love, revenge, betrayal woven around cultural values. The Original sound track of drama is amazing with great lyrics. Here are sang e marmar OST Lyrics.

here is my one line analysis of this drama. Rest of review will be build on this.

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A man with values is braver than a man with sword Yet a man with sword is braver than a hypocrite with tricks.


Who has Sang e Marmar Dil?

Is it Aurang which bleeds in empathy stood for justice and ready to forgive for future sake. Or It is Shireen who sacrifice for her friend’s life by covering her mistake. It could be mother of Aurang as well who forgive everyone and yet keeps values and emphatic heart alive. Apparently it looks like it cant be Ghulistan Khan who is strict father and sardar. The one who is ready to open a grave just for the sake of few bucks. But it could be Gulistan Khan even. Keeping traditions and values alive while keeping tears in the heart is equally difficult. IF we talk about a soft stone then he could fit in this category. But for me it is Aurang Khan because the greatest courage is to go against all the norms and define new traditions all from scratch. While doing so one has to suffer a lot of pain. It is pain of denying norms, culture, pain of bearing the criticism and hate of loved ones and biggest one is to bear the guilt of hurting others. Lets wait till and to figure out if he succeed in doing so.

Men With Values

Lets ignore female characters here as per the culture of pukhtun. Whether they have values or not it is less likely to have any impact. But other than Bano everyone have. I will call Bano poor soul as she was just showing how helpless she is.

Aurang Khan

He is the only man with values. He is the one who can upfront for the truth. In his childhood he upfront for his mother. He stood in front of his own father and stopped him to raise hand on his wife. He was ready to forgive Saif-Ur-Rehman for killing Goher only to stop blood shed. He is the one who decided to go to other village to figure out why he even killed his bro. So he not only has courage to upfront but also seeker of truth.  Unfortunately everyone forbade him to seek the truth. If he had; the situation might be different. But he has the ethics and values in him. And interestingly it is his noble nature not a result of education. He showed his nobelty in his childhood. So he is the bravest among all in Ghari Baran.

Gulistan Khan

He is arrogant and keep this reflection on his face and especially in his tone. He is the one who was ready to open a grave just for few bucks of money. He could beat his wife and even the wife of his younger beloved bro. He is the person who can kill his on father on his request. He never accepted the kids of his bro equivalent to his just because they were half pukhtun. Just to follow culture he let daughter marry Torah khan despite loving her and knowing how she hates him. Everyone is scared of him. But we also see a man who forgive the murderer of his young son just because his wife put her chadar in his feet. He was ready to let his youngest son marry the sister of murderer but has to cancel it on her daughter request. He gives respect to Shireen and never let anybody misbehave her despite being sister of enemy.  This shows that man has heart of stone but these are cultural values embedded in him which hold him back. Otherwise he has some values as well. He dont play at back either. Just like Aurang khan he also comes upfront and do what he thinks is right as per his culture.

Saif ur Rehman

Initial depiction of this man was full of values. He loves his kid sister. He never let his wife play any tricks against his sister. He asked his wife to show proof against his sister. Yet we see a person who was ready to kill Goher on hearing a false news. The typical pathan gairat arouse when called by a mere grass thief. But he has no courage to kill shireen; his sister. He was ready to accept the revenge but his wife played to save him. Although there was no role of his wife in the death of Goher. But she played to put Shireen in difficulties and become successful in it. I will rate this man have values just like Ghulistan Khan because he also depicted the pure pathan values.

With Sword

By Men with sword i mean those who are ready to fight upfront.

Saif ul Allah

This man plays upfront but has no courage to stand for truth. He was easily tricked by his cousin just because of this trait. But he took revenge his way. On one side we see a person who loves his wife very much and everyone knows this even his father. He keeps words of his father anytime. But he was ready to happily kill Saif ur Rehman as well denying the fact that his father forbade him.

Goher Khan

This person has no values no ethics neither cultural nor spiritual. But he plays upfront. He dont play tricks. He openly slapped Torak Khan to favor his sister. However he was womanizer secretly may be because of cultural restriction. But he openly says Durkhane that he wants a baigairt friendship. He was not tricking the girl even at this point. So no matter how bad his character is yet he was not hypocrite. Everyone knows his nature. That is why Gulistan clearly told his son Saif-ul Allah to figure out who that girl was as he knows his son ca play with a girl.

Hypocrite With Tricks

Torah Khan

The only hypocrite in this story line is torah khan. Although Pari also plays tricks but most people know this. However no one knows Torah could be an evil soul. He apparently is a very loyal and obedient person. He follows Daa ji completely. But we see a person whose heart is filled with poison. He wants revenge of everything. Somehow it is justified. what else can a weak person do other than playing tricks. But this guy has lack of courage as well. He is cunning but timid as well. Had he upfront for his mother in childhood like Aurang did. His mother might have saved her legs, his uncle might have stop taking him inferior. But he never did so. When Daa ji asked him what is the problem with his wife. If he had expressed the truth, Daa ji must have fixed bano but he remain silent. Instead of coming upfront he keep backstage but gather hell of poison in himself and so play to take revenge. Revenge is not a sign of bravery but ability to stand for equality and justice depicts character strength and bravery.


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