How to live healthy life


Eat healthy.

Organic and whole food for nice blend of carb, protein, vitamin, minerals etc. Eat at good timings like 4 hours before sleep , early in morning or within half an hour of waking up.

Be physically active.

It is obvious. physical work is necessary. it may include walk, planks, walk after dinner, climbing up stairs or whatever . make sure there is a bit of them every 3 hours. Or gym

Sleep well and meditate

A good sleep and at right time not only detoxify your brain but also boost your energy. Sleeping at right time and for right time is also necessary like before 11 o clock at night and for 6 to 8 hours. After 4 hours of dinner or 15 min nap after lunch. In case of tiredness etc make sure you take rest properly. It is also okay to spend some lazy day in sheets after some month. Paper yourself a bit.

Maintain good hygienic routine

This is obvious also we sometime overlook in lazy days. Munching in bed and sleeping right away etc. Develop the habit of keeping your nails, teeth and feet clean always. Shower daily and have skin care routine. No matter you are in anxiety or stress, follow your routine. It will keep you well.

Think good to have positive energy.

Get rid of Regrets, Guilt, worries, Grudges, ill thoughts. Make your energy positive and vibrate it. Thinking good will change your energy and boost your mental health. In any situation think about your positive aura and transmit it to vibrate your energy. if you are afraid to absorb negativity of a situation, escape from it. And recharge by doing good, listening good, having prayers or being in nature.

Have an obsession.

yup you read correctly. Having goal is another thing but the obsession is that inner fire to achieve that goal and make it happen. Never live a day without planning what you wanna achieve out of it and make assessment at the end. It could be self improvement, some business or whatever just remain mindfully, happily busy achieving one. You may have a little break to rest or analyze something but a goal less life is painful.

Forgive everyone.

Ask forgiveness from lord often. Astagfar is the best dua. And forgiveness just mean you free yourself and made your aura positive. Remember you are your own boss and you can make your own destiny. It is you who have to react or act. so no matter what others do, you are responsible for your life. Life is a path where different situations do come and you have to decide what you wanna get out of it.

Have a self growth plan.

here is a link to help you.


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