Goal Setting For Children With Non Serious Attitude


Goal setting for children or helping and teaching kids set goal is easy when they listen. what to do when they have non serious attitude? Lets explore!

Problem Statement

A mothers child is 12 years old and dont bother to think about future goal. He is a non serious child and dont know what to do?

Helping kids Set Goals. Fix It

One need to understand that most of kids especially boys in this age hardly pay attention. They feel themselves more free to the wildness of the world and preparing or daring to look at it. So First thing first it is not something to worry about.

Secondly, It is kinda parents fault. They must have so far infused some life purpose or goal setting in the kid. But if They have not let s see what they can do. Here i will explain some goal setting activities for such kids

Talk to them

If your kid listens then the best thing is to talk. Yes Talk to them. Ask politely and casually at a dinning table or when watching an inspiring movie etc. Make sure you dont talk like parent, boss or some lecturer. Talk casually yet firmly and politely. Ask them What they are aiming in their future. And no matter what they share with you, listen it carefully. Never make fun or smile. Never advise in between. just listen and make sure you explore all the aspects of their random or bright talk.

Your duty is to figure out what matters them most. Inspire them most and help them Identify it as life gaol, purpose etc.

Observe the Untold Story

Parents especially mothers knows their child better. if your kid dont listen and hardly pay attentions to talk. Then it is your duty to figure it out. Observe them. See what they like doing most. What catch their eye or inspire them. It could be a certain kind of movie, book, activity, subject anything.

It is better to increase the exposure of children. Give them different experiences related to different fields etc. So that they could know what they want easily. And you could also figure out what attracts them most. Lesser exposure, lesser knowledge and so lesser choices.

What If their is no Hidden story.

So if you think he is not upto anything. You have given him different exposures but either he is not interested or just dont bother the stuff. Then perhaps you yourself need to infuse some purpose in him. Here are some tips

Discover the communication channel
  1. If he loves books, Present them some life purpose and inspiring books.
  2. if he loves movie, gift them some good movies.
  3. Watch movie, drama with him and while doing so highlight an important aspect casually. Dont lecture. Just highlight what you wanna teach him and is important to set goal or life purpose etc
  4. Decorate his room with valuable wall papers, wall hangings or other such stuff
Challenge Him

Challenges attracts young blood so do it by defining values and rules of your home. like

  1.  Set a prize of some purposeful goal or activity. It could be learning some new skill. to earn a certain money through services, volunteer, running a cause or anything
  2. Enroll him in some sports like horse riding, swimming etc and set goal to achieve in a time frame.
  3. infuse GRIT by altering time frames as per the performance of kid
  4. Arrange a meeting with some Successful or self made person you know.
  5. Set his pocket money in a way that he has to arrange money to buy something special. Let him be responsible of his extra expensis
Wait for Him

Have you ever been in a situation when your kid came to to discuss something and you are busy or up something may or may not be as important as kid to you. Never do this in your life. once you put him in wait, you may remain in the waiting state forever. If he is the guy who hardly listen or sit to talk then Remember Wait For Him. Once he started having all the exposures, goals to achieve. He will come back to you with a broad mind and then you need to create that bond and cherish him with the purpose.





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