Example of a vulnerable person

A case study of a girl who was puzzled why bad things happen to her


Example of a vulnerable person

So this is a case study of a girl who was emotionally and physically abused in childhood. Someone even tried to molest her and she has those memories of her young age. Growing up she witnessed boys teasing girls on way back to school. As a grown-up girl, she became a victim and vulnerable. Going back from the bus stop to home, someone would stare at her, pull her shawl or try to touch her inappropriately. It has shaken up her soul, her belief and damaged her self confidence. The girl has two major concerns:
  1. Why she is a victim. Would she ever be able to do anything on her own or learn to get out of this situation?
  2. Why God never protected her as she asks and says prayers regularly

Why me

After understanding her problem and how she feels about it. I asked her Following  questions
  1. When you leave home, do you have the fear that something bad may happen to you
  2. Do your mind continuously look for something bad is about to happen
  3. Do you look frightened and vulnerable when you are alone at somewhere
  4. Do you ever practiced self-protection techniques
So the solution lies among these question. I told her about a documentary I watched on Discovery channel. It was about training dogs. How animal sense fears and vulnerability of human and trap them. Man is also an animal. So appearing strong and giving that vibes are as important as carrying a weapon.
Secondly, what we thought or believe and continuously focus on; attract in our life. As our mind transmit those signals. She needs to develop a new self-belief and transmit that energy. It is simple yet needs practice.


Following self-affirmation is an example.
I am a pure girl, I am protected and people respect and treat me nice. I am strong. Everything happens good to me.
She needs to keep this in her head. Feel it. Transmit the vibes of strength and positivity.

Why I was not protected

There are two aspects of this not happening.
  1. Are we devoted Muslims and do what we need to do. For example, wearing the veil can hide one’s identity as well as vulnerability.
  2. Does she have that faith in the Lord when she asks what she asks? Or she prays in anger and casually
She needs to develop the faith that God is here and protecting her. She needs to feel that protection.
Although the girl was reluctant initially but gradually starting absorbing it. And she started seeing the result.
Finally, I suggested her to practice some self-protection techniques and build that courage to use them. Join some defense course. But never wish she be in a situation where she might need them. Because inner desire of adventure can bring that in front of us.


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