Educational Reforms in Pakistan


Educational Reforms in Pakistan is a great need. How to educate your child to succeed isa real challenge today. We need a system that brought kids with high values, expertise and experience. Following are some educational reforms in my sight. The same code can be used to define education and career path of your child. The key factor is learning with experience, master something and have variety of exposure. kids must have some skill set to help them earn as early as possible. In this fast pace life earning as early as 12 is necessary. kids must be independent soon. Lets see some reforms

Enrolling kids

Parents will not be allowed to enroll their kids before they turn 7. However community based kids coaching or activities centers must be encouraged. Parents have to follow certain guidelines to educate, train and maintain kids health. I will write a book on this topic and share with you. stay tune. The key factor is to build relational bonding with the child. This is the time when a kid flourish by love and belonging. This is the time when kid realize his own self and build initial perception of himself, people and society. The activities must include exposure of different experiences. earning languages and ethics. Interactions with fellows and learning some little routines.

Formal education

Formal education must start from age 7 with following distribution.

Age 7-14

  • Personality shaping, character building and emotional intelligence must be the focus at this age.
  • Mastering at least two languages
  • Basics of Maths, science experiments, learning arts.
  • Religious education like faith building, Namaz and values.
  • Enhancing the ability to acquire and absorb correct knowledge.
  • Forming critical thinking patterns.
  • Ability to take choices.
  • Be responsible and make decision
  • kids will also be introduced to all kind of educational fields available to identify their aptitude.

Age 14- 21


Every Kid has to choose one Area of specialization he has passion for and study everything about it. It could be mathematics. Engineering, medical or computer science or Arts whatever he wants to pursuit and learn it from core to depth. He will be provided an option to try 3 subjects or fields however. But he must have at least 4 years study on a single field or subject to be called specialization.

One Hobby to excel per year

Each kid has to choose some hobby each year. Anything that can refresh and unstressed them. It is very important to differentiate hobby and specialization. Hobby must be something that is secondary to your specialization. It could be anything like Music, gardening, etc. Their will be some credit hours for this and evaluation based on some practical work.

Skill Set

One skill set each year. Anything that can earn you money and is practical.It could be graphic design, editing, animation, photography. Anything that can help you extra bucks and is applicable. However again it must not replace the specialization field. They have to spend some specific credit hours a week and appear in exam

social contribution

Every kid has to choose a social cause every year and work on it. It could be any community work. They can work with NGOs or run their own campaign. Some awareness program regarding health, environment or collecting money for under privileged kids education or any thing. They have o make plan for each month and spend some credit hours on it. They have to learn how to run the cause.

21- above

It is the practical age. students will enter into practical life and start their career.

Education system for Under privileged

Education setup for under privileged kids is a big challenge. Since education is an extra burden for such families so it is hard to make up mind of parents.  ALthough they like to teach kids upto 5 standards but their key focus is how many bucks their kid can earn for them as early as 10. The main focus must be to teach basic education with skill training so that they could earn as quickly as possible. Quality religious education, skill set and character building will be free for those kids who dont afford education
Free public libraries at community levels with quality e-books or e-lectures will be provided and all the institutions has to open their labs free for all the kids in the society. Teachers must also be available for any kid in society.


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