Detox your life


There is a new trend of detoxification which include taking laxatives or detox drinks, off and on to detoxify body. It is said to improve health. But you are not just body or brain. You are also soul and mind. The detoxification of soul and mind is as important as of the body. It can also save you from anxiety, depression and other emotional up and downs.

Although there would be many ways to clean the emotions and everyone must be having different ways to deal it. But it is common among us to get attached with. So one best way for emotional healing is to learn detachment. It must be difficult initially but it is so worthy that you better take risk of challenging yourself. Here are few ways to detoxify emotions properly via detachment

Meet yourself at least 2 times a year

FIRST STEP is to Discard all those tangible and intangible things that are causing mess   or pain in your life
1. Tangible: shoes, cloths, books, mementos etc anything causes you pain, affecting your life style, other than your goal, or which you have not used for at least 2 years etc… donate, sell. or throw
2. intangible: emotions, memories, anything in ur mind and heart that cause you pain, hate, anger etc…. grudges…. if difficult write them down, acknowledge them, earn the lessons and throw them away….

SECOND STEP is to redefine yourself … your values, life style, goals, purpose etc… and even your relations and belongings

THIRD STEP is to reconnect …
1. with general public… under privileged and have some social or community contribution. even if you dont have money you can still donate care, smile, blood …
2. friends and families, you are disconnected with…
3. visiting graveyards
4. with nature…spend some time in nature… breath and enjoy it…
5. with yourself… a nice outing, meditation…. anything that collect yourself…


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