Why Deewana Drama is a must watch


Deewana drama aired on Hum Tv in last season of 2016. It is a story of a Jinn who falls in love with a girl so much so that he eventually was ready to loose his identity.In our society there are many myths related to jinn and human love. The most popular is related to jinn entering human body of girls for pleasure or control. Girls who are left alone by husbands, have dark long hairs or dark features are considered easy pray of Jinns. Other popular myth is when a home is housed by Jinn it faces bad luck. Or a girl under influence of Jinn is a bad luck for family. Deewana is a beautiful story created around myths yet with a powerful impact.There are many reasons why it is a must watch. The first one is a beautiful OST

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It is Jinn the main protagonist

Everyone perceive Jinn as dark and scary character. One who troubles humans and create mess in their life. Here we see a completely different Jinn family. They have values, look fabulous and are helping. Jinn itself is very bright and shiny in personality. It sings songs, plays piano and bansuri and is cheerful. It amuses others with his witty talk. Shehroz khan fit in character although his makeup was too bright for his complexion.

Fantasy Plot and Direction

The old hawali owned by a traditional family. After long times we we see a family maid who is kind of care taker of kids. The family values and self ego of all characters like the female protagonist and her mother is beautifully depicted. The continuous occurrence of  different pit falls in family adds drama and pace to the plot. Direction is superb and so is acting. Sharp and Witty dialogues are worth spending time. Shabnam and her daughter adds another beauty to plot. It depicts how society treat a misfortune family and play tricks out of envy and for their purpose. So there are all flavors in it. Empathy, envy, love, ego, stupidity, revenge all together affecting a single character Mehro. The girl whose bro was killed by her Bhabhi. She loves her cousin and bro of her bhabhi.  Although two families lost their kids. One of them accused mehro reason behind the murder and so dragged her to court. But she was declared innocent. This put her relation with cousin into darkness. The family plotted a revenge and asked their son to marry her and then leave her alone at wedding night. The girl chased her man who left her alone while sleeping and encounter the Jinn. The Jinn who wandering around in human world dont know how to handle her. He took her in his world and returned her back in morning. Here we see a new rumors and gossips started to degrade the girl character. The Jinn keep visiting her to make her smile. No one knows he was Jinn unless it was revealed by a Jinn Sardar.

Unusual Pure Love

Not a love at first sight. Jinn never entered in mehro body. He never played with her. It is a pure cute love of a Jinn who has an empathetic nature. He understands troubles of family. Helped them to sooth. Make them lough. He helped mehro to regain her self value and respect.But Jinn himself never realized that he fell in love with someone. He get used to the family which started considering him as a member. Despite all rumors and gossips they lend him upper storey of their home. The girl who started hating her husband also get used to the enchanting personality of Jinn without knowing his reality. Jinn’s objective was to help family overcome trauma so never promised or wished to marry her. The Jinn mother tried to keep her son away from falling in love with human but in vain. Eventually Mehro falls in love with the jinn. Shabnam’s daughter, Giti also fell in love with Jinn. Here started a triangle love story. When Jinn truth was revealed, Mehro refused to accept that and was scared of Jinn now. On another hand Giti thinks Falak or Jinn is playing as Jinn just to scare her and keep her away from him. To take revenge from Falak she gave poison to mehro. Falak who decided to become human to support Mehro; an orphan now; returned and found Mehro dying. Then he realize how painful it is to loose all powers and face the pain. A jinn cant experience that pain. He was helpless, holding Mehro in his arms walking around streets to escape her from death. And eventually seeing her die.

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He was not Deewana because he chose to love deeply. He was Deewana because he chose to become Human just for his love. Living powerless, facing ups and downs of life and still love others is what makes human different and superior and a Jinn cant bear it. For them easy to escape troubles and conquer what they want to.




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