Badla hai Punjab lakin kiya reh giya hai. Kiya Lahore paris bun sakta hai


Some real development projects for punjab

When it comes to development projects or growth of Punjab, first thing that hit mind is Lahore and then metro and train. After that roads across the Punjab. The last thing that hit is laptop, E-rozgar and other E-projects made by PITB.
Even if we focus on e-projects or roads and infrastructure, there are many areas which have been over looked or could have been focus of the government. Here i will mention some of the development projects that comes under same vision.

Asian Clothing Hub

Moving Azam cloth market and opening gateway to cloth market in the Asia. Azam cloth market is known to be biggest market of sub continent and exporters of cloth to Afghanistan, Iran, UK etc. But this market is not only at a vary congested area of Lahore but also in the most polluted area . Although mian sb always thought to relocate it. but it never happened due to the influences and the insecurity of people. A common man cant go there. It is a biggest wholesale market yet too much noisy and heavy traffic to reach it. Interestingly in history it was some public park or garden where people used to display stalls to sell cultural stuff around country. But gradually was occupied by them and become market. The local inhabitants of this area have many challenges and biggest of them is lack of fresh air and traffic. It also host famous Lahori street food spots which are in this polluted an unhealthy environment. The old Lahore tourist areas also exist there which is again difficult to reach. This area badly need greenery for the locals to breath.

Govt can easily move this market to the outer side of lahore at a big giant plaza. Govt can replace and allocate shops to the people. It could have cost even less than orange train but could bring revenue and ease for the people rather than running on subsidy. The now azam market can return back to garden with Lahori food stalls and walled city. It can become a good tourism spot and above all change temperature of old city. The new Azam cloth market can be promote as biggest wholesale clothing market in asia and exports can be done to the region. It could become a gateway to sell the products from textile industrial zones of pakistan which are being implemented by the Chinese. It could have been better project than orange train as it can not only improve environment, can give easy access to tourism but could also increase business and exports.

Establishing Brands

Defining Brands for international accepted products of Pakistan. Surgery, sports goods, knitwear, denim, shirts, jeans. name it. May be many pakistani knows or not even levis outsource and manufacture their line locally. Although it is a source of income but not a recognition and not the retail business capture. In sialkot companies give cheap labors to billion dollar brands for surgical equipment. But does Pakistan has any such brand. Reaching out market and knowing the real need, a good research and ability to create models as per the requirement is where these local industrialists struggle. They know the craft but dont know where and how they have to reach out. If govt provide that platform for them and establish these industries they can bring a real boost to economy. Unfortunately the chamber of commerce only organize exhibitions but their is more need to be done. As per e projects their could be specialized gateway to each industry like clothing, surgical equipment, sports, industry machinery etc.
Faislabad is hub of not only garments but also mechanical engineering. They create replica of machinery although many parts may be imported but a finished product can be made. This industry also need proper exposure. There must be many countries who can take small industry solutions from us. If govt could do that research and create this gateway, it can bring revenue too.


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